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Creating Impactful & Memorable Events

With a decade of corporate events experience, we know how to make your event one to remember. From creating a theme based agenda on current affairs to the speakers selection, we help you build your event from the ground up. Check out the portfolio below to see some memories from our past events.

Daily News Updates to Exclusive video Interviews

Metalogic has a dedicated Youtube Channel where companies can find an interest to advertise their product or services. Our art team can help you to create a still or animation advertisement for you.

Company presentations, Product advertisement, Subject documentary
We can produce it all..!!

Our team of experts can create any art by using their specialized skills of animation and special effects.

Metalogic has been a part of Plan A Plant Foundation based in Noida. We donate plants and urge you to adopt atleast one plant to help the planet earth.

Metalogic Corporate Video

Check out this great video of Metalogic Services explains in 1 minute.